"It seems to me that the strongest way to empower today's society is through sports and education." - 
Er. Dipendra Kandel

What We Do

KF1 - Organising Sporting Events

To bring society together we collaborate with different sporting clubs in the community in which we work......

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KF2 - Donating Sporting Equipment

At the Kandel Foundation we believe it’s not just about organising events. It’s also about providing those who don’t have the facilities...... 

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KF3 - Play as a Team

We don’t just organise events to empower our youth, but we get involved ourselves as the Kandel Foundation forms teams for all the...... 

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KF4 - Professional Coaching

Through our volunteer coaches, we empower each and every society we touch. From training with local clubs to coaching local school children......

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KF7 - Physical Education

At the Foundation, we believe that education and sports go hand-in-hand. The Foundation, through its volunteers, also teaches......

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KF5 - Sponsoring Clubs and NGO/NPO's

Through your donations, the Kandel Foundation has the amazing opportunity to fund local clubs and schools in the communities......   

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KF6 - Disaster Response

At the Kandel Foundation, we believe it is crucial to give back to the community away from sports in times of need. In the communities......

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Tourism For Our Volunteers In Nepal

Known for its nature and beauty, take in Nepal's amazing environment whilst working for the Kandel Foundation.
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Enjoy the multiple tourist cities in Nepal's beautiful capital city and work in Kathmandu, known as the 'city of temples'.

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If you enjoy the beauty of the mountains and lakes, this is the place for you to work in Nepal.   
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